PsychicNetworkers: in Association with Talk Communications, Inc.

PsychicNetworkers handles the recruitment and management of intuitive advisors on the Talk Communications telephone network. We take pride in working with only the best psychics, astrologers, mediums and tarot masters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and profitable environment for skilled, compassionate, intuitive advisors to provide their important services to clients via remote consultations using today’s top technology. We are committed to providing quality psychic services for our clients.

Work With Us

If you are a great psychic who isn’t already working with our team, we’d like to meet you! Please take a moment to contact us for more information.


All information contained within this Expert Center is considered confidential and covered by the agreement you signed when you started working with PsychicNetworkers. Nothing contained in this website may be shared with anyone who is not contracted with PsychicNetworkers or its affiliates. Use of this site constitutes your continued and explicit consent to our confidentiality agreement.